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Frankfort and Esch Rd Beach

 Heading out today with a friend
stopped in Frankfort  on the Lake Michigan shore
Enfoying the sounds of Lake Michigan, feeling the sun on my face
An unusually nice day for November in Northern Michigan

After soaking up all that this wonderful place had to share
we head off to the next stop 

Esch Rd beach at Otter Creek 
about 20 miles North towards the village of Empire


Steelhead fishing from shore

Otter Creek empties into Lake Michigan

What a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the view

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Second Summer

 I went out for a walk this afternoon.

Found some fun images to share

Monday, November 2, 2020

A few photography questions

 I get asked these questions so often...

What camera should I buy?
     Well there are so many out there.  first figure out what you want to do with a camera and what your budget is.  Do lots of research!  What works for me might not be good for you.  Take the time to make the right choice.

What settings are good for  taking  portraits or action of wildlife... etc?
     Every situation is different.  Lighting varies constantly.  My advice is to practice a lot and take notes.  Learn what works and what doesnt.  Take the time to learn the basics and grow from there.

How about my cell phone... can I get the same results as an expensive camera?
     i guess that depends on what you are looking for.  Are you aiming for quick shots for social media and emails? Then maybe your cell phone is enough.
If, however you want to be able to switch lenses and  do creative things, or if you want to blow the pictures up and frame them, then I recommend a DSLR or something similar. Photography is about light.  If you look at your phones camera lens and compare it to a DSLR you will see quite a difference.

*What I like about photography is that each of us can do something different and still enjoy the hobby. We dont all have to do things the same way.  The fun of the hobby to me is making my own original style.  If you have followed my blog for a while you will see that I do my own thing.

Have fun out there and keep shooting pictures, you will learn more everyday.



Random pic

Random pic
I love the moon

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